The sun’s not always shining

My builder has stopped talking to me, and to everyone else for that matter (the electricians, the plumber, the mason). They are a race of their own, these builders. I know how he thinks, the reason is because I know people who hired him too. Don’t get me wrong, everyone, including me, will tell you that he is the best builder you will find, probably in a 250km radius, but he has his ways of working. For one, he wants straight orders and plans, and then he’ll build exactly what you want. Two, he does not want you snooping around on the buildingsite. Three, do not call him, he’ll call you when he has something to ask. Four, never ever question his methods and ways of working. Keeping to these four rules will get you exactly the house you asked for and more. But for a city girl like me, that is used to quick communication, up-to-date reports and fast decisions this way of working is driving me absolutely crazy!

I had given him one, just one, wrong confirmation, and before I had the time to realize the misstake he had allready done it all wrong and got mad at me when I asked him to change it, the same goes with a window that was changed, which I told him about but was still like that on the plans. These two are the only two changes I’ve asked him to make. Everything else has been according to plan. And now he’s not talking to me. I called him at least once a day two weeks ago, then my friend whos built with him before told me to stop, that I’ll only make it worse. Then I needed some measurements on thursday, and he never called me back, even though I asked his assistant-builder to make him call me. I hope everything is going forward on the island, we’re making ourselves  out there on saturday, I just hope all is okay and no more misstakes have come up, because then there will be a very angry city girl on his doorstep.


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