Phone strike continues

My builder still refuses to talk to me. You probably think this is a silly problem but it really is a problem when I’m working 9-10 hours a day and simply cannot be expected to drive 2 hours to get to the island during working hours just so I can get hold of my builder. He just won’t answer his god damn phone. I’ve wrote him dousins of texts, called him at least every sec ond day for a month and sent him emails. Nothing. I’m confused, angry, depressed and utterly worried. The last two attemps to meet with him was to no avail as he never showed up, but he keeps coming to the building site and keeps building. The problem is, I wan’t to know timetables, project flows, when I should order or bring things to the island and wether or not the house will be ready in time. For example, today a load of wood panels arrived to the island, but since he hasn’t answered his phone he is blissfully unaware that he should return to work as he’s been away for a week because of lack of material. This slows the project down, it’s pushing my mental health and driving me absolutely insane of worry. On Friday we’re going to have a meeting, it is a official meeting with the builder master, the builder (hopefully) and me and there we will hopefully resolve this problem. There is one month left of work on the house, so the project is coming to an end and so is my energy. I’ll keep you posted.


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