My at home tips (so far)

These are random things I’ve learned when it comes to owning a home:

– Never buy hangers that don’t have a turning head.

– Always check that your plates fit in your dishwasher, it is SO annoying when they don’t

– Don’t buy delicate fabrics on furniture, I know, I know, they look nice, but only until the first stain that doesn’t come off

– Don’t buy clothes you cannot wash in a machine

– Get rid off things: If you haven’t used something in over a year, your probably not going to either. There is no shame in throwing out old kitchen things, cutlery, books etc. I’m personally too lazy to go sell at a fleemarket or online but you can do that too and make a buck or two.

– I hate different colored towels, we have like 15 towels and only two are a match. Yuk, just get enough of the color you want and throw the rest or use them as rags.

– You can never have enough storage space, always make sure you have enough cabinets and drawers and places to hide and stuff things.

– I get really tired of accents colors really quickly. For the new house I’ve chosen a basic “flat line” and then the “pulse” ie. the accent color is going to change with the season, for example deep orange and browns for autumn, red for winter, green and bright yellows for spring and mixed colors for summer.

– Save your shoeboxes, they come in handy 🙂

– Keep a gift box. I collect things I like that I like to give to others. Btw, never give a present you wouldn’t like yourself. Back to the giftbox, I buy things abroad, in design shops etc that I like and if there is a sudden invite to a party or a birthday there is always something practical or nice to give away.

– Try not to postpone cleaning, the longer you leave it, the longer it will take to clean.


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