That’s how it is in the building industry!

I keep hearing this phrase: “That’s how it is in the building industry” left and right when I talk about my building project, and I’m sick and tired of it. It’s usually a phrase used when the discussion is about something negative. Like delivery times, ALL, and I mean ALL my wood material like planks, panels etc. has been late, with at least double the promised time. And the sales guys answer when I get angry about it, because everything is delayed because of this, is usually “well that’s how it is in the building business”. If the whole industry is crap, distributors are crap and 80% of all the builders are crap, and everybody keeps shrugging about it how is it ever going to get better!? Is there some official norm that it’s okay to suck??

My mum has been trying to calm me down by saying “all building projects get delayed”. It does not calm me down, on the contrary it makes me mad! It is completely unacceptable to have a customer wait for their goods for two and a half months when the original delivery was promised in six weeks! Or ordering a small badge of panels, being promised them in 2 weeks, we are on the fourth and now I learn they are only going through “processing” on friday. WTF??

There are so many cowboy builders and as many cowboy distributors of materials, I only wish I would have realized it sooner. The problem is that when you order stuff, and the delivery date comes and the stuff is nowhere to be seen, by then it would very long to order new stuff and wait for that stuff, so that’s not an option. Then the sales guys gives you a new date, hopefully not to far from the original one, only to come up with another lie once the date is past and the stuff is nowhere, it is completely crazy. What you can do is, when you order, agree on a penalty if the stuff is late, but most refuse to agree on it. I’m just finding it really hard to comprehend why some want’s to completely f*ck up a sale to make sure that customer never ever comes back to buy stuff from you, and furthermore never ever get recommended by that customer to other customers. If money isn’t of interest to that guy, there is always (hopefully) someone who is, just make the call in time.


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