Okay so now I’ve started dreaming about the house. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before, but last night, oh boy. The house was here allright, but I dreamt that everything was wrong, the location, the floor plan, the details, everything. Still I was jumping of joy! I for example dreamt that we only had one bedroom, but two bathrooms, one with a toilet and the other one with a sink, the toilet was just a tiny small pipe sticking out from the floor. Also the walls had really weird wallpapers everywhere and bits and pieces of the walls had been painted but nothing finished. I tried to explain to the men that I wanted white panelling and they said I should leave the wallpaper and see if I grow fond of it. The glass sliding doors were right, all though they were installed in the wrong place, lamps were dangling from the ceiling but none was lamps I had ordered or actually even seen in real life! I was trying to tell my boyfriend that the lamp is in the wrong place and he suggested we move the table under the lamp instead! When I walked out of the house, turns out that instead of being on the island we had moved to the mainland and I explained very soberly to the neighbors why we chose to do so. Gosh, I chose not to go the island this weekend, is my conscience trying to tell me something?


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