To-do-list (what is still to come)

The end is near but still there are a lot of things left to do before I can do what I’ve dreamed about for two years: sit down on my couch with a glass of wine and celebrate that everything is finished.

– Three doors inside are waiting to be put in place

– The floors in the bedroom and dining area, will be done this week

– The upper cabinets of the kitchen are being put in place on wednesday, along with the fan and the led lights

– The wall between the dining area and the entree is not done, we’re waiting for a sliding door element that needs to be there in order for us to make the walls.

– Some door seals are missing, and two seals in the roof

– The whole bathroom is still undone, and will be so for a few weeks as they are getting everything else ready

– My old pallets are drying up to be painted to become my  bed

– Curtains are on their way, arriving in the end of october

– The stone surface in the kitchen will be there in two weeks

– The chandelier I had made will be put in place by the end of october

– All the furniture is there, we’re just waiting to unpack them 🙂

– Outside there are still some windows missing their seals and the last parts of the paneling was made yesterday, otherwise all the terraces are undone and will be done in november-december.

– Probably another 12 things I just don’t know about 🙂


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