Tribute to dog

My dog turned 6 today and this is a tribute to her:

My dog:
-Knows the clock, well just two times, breakfast and dinner
– Plays it safe, I ask her to do one trick, she does all she knows, just in case
– Would be an awesome ishockeyplayer, the way she sends her watercup swooshing over the floor she would be the best!
– Thinks she is bigger than she really is and tells all dogs, even the huge ones to get off her street. The great dane is an exception, that thing is just too big for her to grasp. I think she thinks it’s a cow
– Is afraid of most animals, bees, cows, sheep, great danes, but funnily enough is okay with cats and guinea pigs.
– thinks her humans (ie me and my boyfriend) are her matresses and gets upset when we get up
– is polite, she always asks permission to lie in a chair or sofa, but with humans she does as she pleases
– thinks she’s a guard dog, I would she’s more of an alarm
– gets utterly surprised if she farts and try to look for the guilty of the noice
– is not a morning eeh dog (can’t say person really), she has sympathy hangovers with me and during weekends never even tries to wake me before 12, she knows its pointless
– thinks she has kinetic power, the ability to move things with your mind, he stares at the ball and doesn’t seem at all surprised when it moves from me kicking it. She just looks like “I told you it would move!”
– has a hell of a memory. She remembers most people she’s spend more time with, even if it is years ago.
– gives me a report of all things that has happened during the day by howling and barking a speech for me. I wish I could understand.
– is the cutest dog in the world and I love her, I could never have guessed she would have given me so much love and devotion as she has, she has added something extra in my life, thank you 🙂









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