Winter is coming

The frost covering the ground pulls me back to reality, it’s time to go, winter is coming. With it the storms, the unreliable winds so it’s time to et the boats up from the sea and shut down the houses for winter. Every spring we’re anxious, has there fallen any trees, are the houses intact, did the pipes hold the freezing winter or did te freeze and burst?

Before we leave for the last time in december there is still lots to do, despite my efforts only one room is complete, a second missing a bedframe and bed, the rest stands undone.

Tomorrow my childhood friend from a neighbour island is coming over with her boyfriend, we’re going to have some sauna, dinner, and lots of wine ❤ so I can go home and back to work with a good mood, it will still feel very depressing the first days of work 😦 I'm sad to go but so happy my dream home will be here waiting for me when I return ❤


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