Final check

It just occured to me today when I was reading  a magazine that the municipality probably wants to do a final inspection on the house before we start using it as our home, or second home in this case. Turns out the inspector had all ready contacted my builder and will do the inspection next week. Until then there are a few things that needs to be done, basically what is still to be done:

– The bathroom tiling -this week

– The bathroom electricity and paneling on top of it – this week

– Installation of showers, taps and sinks -next week

– Boards for the bunk bed is missing, otherwise done

– Livingroom chandelier to be installed -this week

– Sliding doors between the entrance hallway and dining area to be put in place -this week

– Final clean -weekend

So by the end of this week there isn’t and cannot be anything left for the builders to do inside so they can start concentrating on the surroundings, which is the terraces for their part.

I returned to work today, didn’t seem like fun 🙂 I think my feelings on going to the island all the time will mellow out as the weather gets worse, and hopefully I want to stay in and work more then 🙂


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