It’s been a while

I was hoping that everything would be ready, like I have for a month now, but it seems as if the last bits and pieces are the slowest. The men have been trying to work outside for as much as possible, while I’m having hissyfits for the house not being ready on the inside. So my weekend started with me crying my eyes out into my boyfriends shirt saying “it’s never going to be done” between my boohoos and sighs, but after a few encouraging words and some kisses my tears dried out and we started concentrating on doing what could be done, and as Sunday came we had managed to finish two more rooms, our bedroom and the guest bedroom, and we got the bookshelf into place and dinner table with chairs into place as well. Check it out!





The wallpaper is from the Cape Cod collection by Carma, the pallets are basic EU pallets painted white, the duvet cover is from a Estonian company called Zizi, the pillows are from H&M’s home collection. The lamps are from Ikea.




The wallpaper is called Loveletter from Mr Perswall, the striped pillows are from my favorite linen company Linum, the knitted pillows from H&M Home collection and the knitted throw is from Riviera Maison. The sheets are Ikea.

20121118-185817.jpgThe table is reclaimed wood by Riviera Maison and the chair is a ghost chair by Kartell.


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