Taking a building brake

Allthough the house is SO close to ready it still isn’t, and now is a good time not to go there to get frustrated again, I figured I’ll let my builders do the work, give them two weeks, and the last weekend of november I’m going to get the house done, even if I’ll do it with the few tools I can use: a glue gun and a hammer. Okay I can also screw s*it togehter and saw the crap out of planks, but that is as far as my skills go. But I swear I’ll do it! I have let my builders know that they have a deadline on the inside job, so I expect it to be finished.

Right now my house is a almost done house with lots of small buts, that is: this room would be finished BUT it’s still missing a border, this room is finished BUT the light fixture needs to be in place before we can remove the protective layer on the floor, and so on I sure hope there will be remarkably less Buts when I come back from my work/holiday in Ireland.


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