Designed by me :)

The internet can be a very dangerous thing for your wallet, you see, I saw this one lamp. A lamp that was the mother of all lamps, a lamp I had to have. Only, the price tag forced me to rethink. 2600€ + freight is simply too much. So I decided to make my own, with a little less bling since we’re talking summer villa not mansion estate 🙂

So here’s the lamp I saw and wanted. It’s a focault crystal orb chandelier, can be bought here.

I wanted the same airy feel to the lamp, and I loved the orbs, so I decided to strip it down. I bought a chandelier, and sent it to estonia, there is a company called Artiikki that can make basically everything out of metal, I drew them the lamp and showed them this picture and it came back exactly like I wanted, here’s my lamp, tell me what you think!

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