Moving on

After our holiday we came back to chaos. We had packed everything into boxes before we left and now it was moving time. After almost five years of looking we found a two bedroom apartment a few blocks from where se currently live and now we had the keys! We went there early on friday and concluded that the place needed paintwork on the walls. The furniture had left scratches and smudges on the walls, so I ran to the paintshop to find the right tints and found a painter. He is painting as we speak.

We went to IKEA. There is a lot lf predjudice about IKEA, but the thing is; mix and match correctly and you’ll have something looking like a interior magazine cover! And being so cheap you can redo your interior every now and then 🙂 We are going for a modern look with the basic black, grey, white, beige and browns with metallic accents in fabrics and details. So yesterday we filled the van with furniture, put some of them together and our friend found himself a hole in one of the boxes 🙂
Today it’s detailhunting and this evening we can finally put things into place! I still haven’t really comprehended that se are moving!







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