Mixing IKEA and Riviera :)

We moved in 6.1 so today is a week in the new apartment. We have been putting together furniture, unpacking stuff and trying to find missing furniture like a sofa table and tv table. We bought a huge tv so now I have two hands less for unpacking, playstation and 55” tv is a very good demotivator for unpacking 🙂

We’ve had a huge hand from our friends who have been so helpful in carrying things and putting toghether IKEA furniture, thank you! I had to stay true to myself so I did buy some furniture from riviera maison as well 🙂 You might think that it sound crazy mixing them both, but staying true to colors and chosen style makes it easier to mix and match different furniture. For example, our dining chairs are a beige suede, so I chose beige linen for the wing chair and bar stools so that the colors sync. Its also important to try to stay to either warm or cool colors, I like beige because it’s kind of a transition color that goes with cool and warm colors.

I found some really nice furniture at IKEA, here are my favorites we bought:

Klappsta chair

Galant glass work table, looks 100% better in reality

Kalaset espresso cups in stainless steel



Here’s what I bo

Classic wing chair

Thsi chair in striped grey

Keith lowback barstools for the bar counter

Winetable with lamp for late night reading accompanied with a glass of malbec


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