Ice ice baby

I got a call from our archipelagos’ handyman saying that now we can go to the island. The ice is now thick enough. I really want to go but there is a few problems:
– We would have to go by snowmobile, which itself isn’t the problem but getting all the stuff we need with us is, like food, a dog, some clothes, and water.
– the watersupply is always shut off before winter comes because there is a huge risk of power outage and then the pipes might freeeze and cause huge damage. Our house is built so that once you open the vents all the water will flow out and away from the house. Anyway this means we won’t have any water and need to drag water with us.
– the house will be 8 degrees celcius and it’ll take at least a day for it to heat up. Next year we’ll have a homeman, ie. A system to which you can cll and it will turn the heat on for you, it also tells you by sms if the temperature drops or if there’s been burglars ir a poweroutage.

But still, I really really want to go!


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