A poem

Sometimes I write poems, here’s one I wrote yesterday inspired by my sisters lyrics writing.


If my path was ever divided

I think I chose the one less traveled

But I feel as if I was guided

I was following a red thread


And as I walked and stumbled

Over exposed roots and holes in the ground

The sky above me rumbled

I knew the path was not renowned


The path would curb and make silly turns

And lead me in wrong directions

But the light far way still burned

And the woods would ask me questions


Questions that took me to my within

And dug around in my mind

But in my torment I saw  meaning

And I left it all behind


As I let them all go

Released them like caged birds

The path lit up with a soft glow

And I would hear the softest of words


I walked over a meadow and over a field

Over hills and then saw you

And my destiny was revealed

And I knew I had come through


I had come to the end of the road

And by the white picked fence

I curtsied and you bowed

And everything made sense


I have loved you for thousand years

I had to walk the path to see it

You had to see past my fears

And now our shared path is lit


We’ll walk together, my hand in yours

I will guide you over roots and you me over holes

The path will and shall take many years

We will one day reach our goal


I love you, today, tomorrow, forever

You will whisper on the way

And I will trust you on whatever endavour

Because I will love you everyday


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