Spring means planning

Allthough the big whole is ready, that is the house there is still a lot left to do on the island. All of it isn’t necessarily this years projects but still, there is a long to do list. My builders nearly finished the terrace but the south side terrace which will be a stone tile terrace will be done this year. Also, I ordered a hot tub from the Finnish manufacturer Kirami, and it needs a foundation and stair from the house down to the tub which will be closer to the sea.

My garden is in a complete pause, and will be done this year, it will take lots of soil and plants to make it done. It will be a herbal garden, so everything in the garden can be eaten or used for herbal medicine.

Then because our buildingpermit still has a “surplus” of one building, called ekonomibyggnad, we might start building it, otherwise we’d have to apply for it later on all over again. We need a new outhouse so I’ve been planning  to connect the outhouse to a storage building to utilize this permit. A ekonomibyggnad is like a extension building for storage, tools and is not meant for living in.

Furthermore, we are building two small guesthouses, one of them this year. It’s the famous Whiskey Hut I’ve spoken about before. The idea is a hang out for the men to play poker and smoke cigars but my only demand is that it has to sleep two persons, so bunkbeds it is!

I’ll also have a vegetable garden, and it needs a wooden frame to keep the soil in. But that’s probably the smallest thing of all of these 🙂

Then inside I need my carpenter to make me a mudroom by the entrance, it need to be built in as the wall is angled.



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