Mind at rest

Yesterday, after getting the water fixed and eating a fabulous dinner: veal and beetroot salad with a bottle of chianti, we took a walk. We ended up on the north side of our side of the island watching the amazing sunset and the complete wind free sea. I’ve never understood how such a vast space of just water can be so still it looks like a mirror. We sat there, quiet and just took it in. The birds are back from winter holiday with their funny ouuu sounds, and they held a concert for us yesterday. Some fish we’re dancing and breaking the still surface. As we were sitting there, over on the other side of the bay a deer climed from the water and walked into our forest. Magic. We tried to find her (I think it was a she) but she was allready gone. A magical moment spent with who I love. We spent the night talking and now we wake up all dreamy to a new morning on the island.


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