Summer projects

I started my summer project today: building our outdoor dining table. It’s going to be a round table with one leg in the center and a concrete table top. Today I made the molds and in two weeks time it’s time to do the concrete work. It was really hard to make a round mould. To not make it too heavy I made two half moons. I used a thick plywood board with a sealer as bottom and thin plywood for the edges. To get it round I placed a screw with a string that I had measured to be the radius of the circle, on the other end I attached a pencil. Keepin the string tight and going around I got the circle. I used a staple gun and wood glue to attach them to eachother, filled in the gaps with duct tape and more glue and pulled some tape all around to make sure it’ll hold the weight. Here’s the molds!



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