What to do on an island

A minth back we we’re here with some friends of ours who have their summer houses on the main land and they asked, sincerely, “what do you do on an island all they long?”
I started laughing because I had never thought of it that way, that you have to have any certain activities while here. But for those who sometimes wonder I could roughly divide days into active and inactive days. During the active days we do small chores like tend to the forest, pull weeds from our planters, rake, clean, maintain the house, chop wood etc. etc. During the inactive days, like today, we sun athe, take naps in the sun, read, listen to music, go fishing, make lunch/dinner or eat when we are hungry. The island life is what you make of it, some come to just chill or do watersports, my mind rests when I get to do something productivly physical like raking, picking weeds, watering the garden etc. And everytime I have to return to the city I feel empty and sad, the island life is just too good!





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