Losing weight, the downsides and brainfarts

There is no miracle cure, and there will always come bumps in the road. I knew it when I started but when my weight stopped dropping I still felt discouraged to continue. It is absolutely mad how my head works, as soon as there’s a little bump and I start doubting I can hear my head go: oh that’s okay, have some candy 😀

So I decided to cheer myself up with some random brainfarts I’ve had this week, and hopefully make others who are experiencing the same smile:

“I actually weigh one kilo less because I just had a litre of water”

“Next week when I go donate blood I will be half a kilo lighter AND imagine all the calories I’ll burn getting all the blood cells back!”

“Since you forgot to eat second breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack (I eat six times a day), you can have candy now!”

“Pastels and neutral colors are just for skinny girls”

“Uuuh wheee, my belly is so flat” and seconds after “oh no, my ass is huge”

“I’m like a stresstoy, you squeeze the middle and the stuff will buldge out on top and below”, I said when I measured my hips which was -2cm, only to notice my ass and waist had gotten larger.


Have a great weekend!


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