Nothing’s never good enough

This is just how it is, at the gym. It can be so frustrating some times, as soon as I feel I’m progressing and some weight start feeling light, here comes my trainer and adds on weight. But that’s why he’s there, to push me out of my comfort zone and towards my goal. Without him I wouldn’t be 11kg lighter than last summer. I probably would go to the gym, but not with the same intensity which would result in me coming out of the gym even more frustrated because I would feel I have done something but without any results.

Sexy face :)

People ask me what it is we do at the gym. We’ll we certainly do not slack around. I huff, puff and scream and grunt and my trainer keeps pushing me and pushing me, he knows way before me when enough is enough, and he also knows when it’s my head and not my muscles that tells me to stop. What we usually do is lots of reps with smaller weights, and in between weight lifts we get my pulse up to ensure that fat is burning like crazy. Last week we did 260 leg presses, 260!!!

We train three times a week, so usually one day is upper body, one day is lower body and one day is a kill-me-please-kill-me-now day which means I get tortured until I almost faint. Last weeks leg press thing was part of this kill-me-now routine. I swear, I was so close of punching my trainer I was so angry. I don’t know why I get angry and go all Hulk on anything close to me but yeah, thats my reaction when I get pushed far beyond my limits. I haven’t started crying yet, but I’ve had to “man up” and not start sobbing a few times. It’s raw, it’s mean, but it makes me lean and happy.

Why happy? Well -11kg isn’t too bad, it’s 13% of my body weight. I still have 6-7kg to go, so I’m way over half way point. Losing 11 kilos means in cm the following:

Right arm: -2cm (a lot of muscles added)

Left arm: -3cm ( — ” –)

Waist -8,5cm

Hips -7,5cm

Ass -4 (apparently my ass isn’t going to vanish, the fat will be replaced by muscle, so my ghettobooty stays)

Leg, right: -5cm

Leg, left: -7,5cm

Chest: (I don’t even wan’t to know how small my boobs have become, but at least 6cm)

So I think I can say I will be in bikini shape this summer, after saying it for so many years, now it’s becoming true. It will require a lot of more hard work, which I’m sure my trainer will see to, but I’ll get there. How about you?


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