10 quick tips about happiness

I’m a happier person than I’ve been in a long time. Here’s my top tips on happiness

1) Write a happy book

Whenever something makes you happy, write it down. Mine so far today is: my new jeans, a bargain top I found, awesome lunch with my honey, the kiss on the neck I just got.

2) Accept and move on

Things you cannot change or affect, accept them and move on. I missed my airplane today, it sucks but there’s nothing I can do about it. It was my own fault and now I need to move on.

3) Eat lean, train mean

The endorphins keeps you going for hours after training. You are what you eat, and eating healthy makes you happy

4) Rid yourself of bad energy

Do not be around people who make you feel less of yourself, fat, ugly or any other negative emotion. You don’t have time to be around negative people.

5) Get up and get out!

Stop couchpotatoing this instant and take a walk

6) Do charity

Involve yourself in some charity project you feel strongly about.

7) Do something for you

Take a day off, plan it well and enjoy a day just for you, do only the things you like, leave out all the rest.

8) Cry

9) Try to laugh at yourself, don’t take everything so seriously

10) Music

Set the music to your mood, I love driving in my car listening to music as loud as I can. I roll into the works’ parking lot in a good pumped up mood.



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