Argue not what the heart desires

I needed to cheer myself up yesterday after my not so pleasant doctors visit. Argue not with what the heart desires, and my heart needed a huge bouqet of flowers. Then, I wen’t to Götan Maailma and I love the shop, the shop owner and everything in that weird little mystery world of a shop. I ended up buying three 1800-century books of which one was an almost flawless bible. It hit my wallet pretty hard, but I really felt like it was something I needed. I’m not a religious person, however I am spiritual and very superstitious, and a old bible for me is probably one of the most powerful things you can have in your possession. On my way home I bought a scented candle from S.A.L.I , they have the best ones!

Here are some pics of my feel-sorry shopping.



Oh by the way, I’m redecorating my office so there’s going to be some interiorizing in the upcoming weeks!


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