Gear maximum

I had an awesome time on New York but allthough I did work put I still feel like leaving my routines made my wegiht loss stop momentarily. Now I have to put in an extra gear. My trainer wants me to teain every day of the week. It seems crazy bit for some reason I’m nor panicking as I did a few weeks ago when we stepped it up to five times a week. It just one of these “get it done”, “just do it” things. So from today 60 days forward I will be in the gym. I’m trying to prganize my schedule so that it wouldn’t affect other stuff like work nd my relationship but I know it’s going to be hard. Theres just isn’t room for excuses or compromises anymore. There is no reason why you cannot run in regular clothes, why you cannot eat 6 times a day, why you cannot drag yourself from the couch, it’s not like you are paralyzed. It’s 60 days! In a lifetime its nothing, eyes on the price baby! (However if anyone wants to drag me on a jog every now and then please do 🙂 )


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