The challenge ahead

I have:

60 days to my triathlon camp

70 approx days to the dress fitting

90 days until my first ever triathlon

109 days to the wedding


Before I was training three days a week for three hours. From february I’ve added a half hour to every training session so in total 4,5h/week. From last week we upped the ante to 7 days a week, with two weight lifting sessions, one aerobic at the gym and four aerobic outside, swimming, cycling, walking, running. So going from 4,5h to 8,5-9h a week.

I wish working out daily would be part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth or going to work, but I’m not there yet. I’ve heard it takes 21 times for something to become routine, so hopefully it’ll be easier in a few weeks. Right now going to gym releases stress but at the same time I feel stressed because although I’ve come a long way I still have lot’s to go. I haven’t taken my weight in three weeks, the trip to US threw my weight a little but on friday it’s judgement day again. I should be at 72 or 72,5, anything above 73 would devastate me. That would mean I would have lost a total of 13-14kg. After that I have 3-4 kg to go, and 2,5 months to do it. It is doable, it just takes a lot of work with my diet and my fat burning process. I keep screwing up the eating many times a day and I do have my vices like red wine. Anyhow, speaking of food, it’s time for my 4th meal today (I should be at my fifth). 

Here’s a pie chart of my normal day. (I could add an hours training, but then I don’t think I would have anyone to marry in the summer :), a relationship needs some time too!)



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