To learn how to pick youself up.

motivationWhen you strive towards something, when you have a dream, a vision, a goal, there will be dissapoitments. There will be hardship. If dreams could be achieved easily, they wouldn’t be dreams. Fear and doubt is only in your head, they are a fiction of your mind, it’s designed to protect you from dissapoitment, so it tells you that it will be okay to forget your goal, to protect you from dissapoitment.

Happiness is the ultimate goal, true happiness is to constantly strive to be better. You cannot quit. You cannot quit because the goal hasn’t been reached yet. The only person you dissapoint is yourself, and that is the biggest dissapoitment of all. You will never be able to forgive yourself. This is no longer about some stupid wedding dress or a wedding. This is about being honest to your self, you have made a promise to yourself and you will keep that promise.

You can not afford not to be the best you can. You will fall, there will be hard times, but they have come to past, so pick your self up and get going. Make it happen. It’s time to start to fight back. If you cannot see light in the end of the tunnel, it menas you haven’t gone far enough yet. Before light there is dark. It matters not what happened yesterday, a year ago, in your childhood. What matters is now, turn your disadvantages into a center of power.

Make conscious decisions every day towards the goal. Believe in yourself. Keep moving, don’t stop. Do not focus on the distractions and mistakes. Focus on the achievements and the goal ahead. Action reveals commitment. Commit to what you set out to do. Don’t be scared to succeed. Your body is stronger than your mind. Stop listening to your mind, push through. As long as your trying, no failure is relevant. Don’t give up, don’t give in. There is still time. Become you.


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