Brian Tracy says he’s an fanatic of the word clarity. By that he means you can’t hit a target you can’t see.
Goals need to be three things: Realistic, time-bound and measurable.
It also helps to visualize your goal. A great way to do this is the Model my Diet simulator. Here is mine:

My goal is clear: weigh 69 kg by mid-july this year.
So I have the measurable: a scale where I can see my progress in weight-loss
I have time-bound: I have 15 weeks of very valuable time, infact it’s something like 12 weeks of time, because I cannot risk pushing it too close to the wedding.
Realistic: that’s the part I’m struggling with. In 12 weeks I need to loose 8 kg. That means almost a kilo per week. Is it doable? Yes. But it requires a lot of self-discipline, a lot of help and support and a lot of time during the weeks to allocate for training.

The problem is that the hard task ahead causes me stress and worry. Stress is linked to the hormone cortisol, that can cause the weight loss to stop or in worst cases actually increase weight. I worry that I can’t make it, I worry I will let myself down. Even writing this makes my pulse go faster. I also worry about the interruptions in the daily routines I will have during easter and a few other weeks ahead.

The truth is, you have to go one day at the time. My trainer calls it “robot mode”, do everything into a just as normal routine as getting out of bed, brushing you teeth etc.
In order for me to get to my goal I need to do the following:

1. 07:00 Wake up
2. 07:05 Immidiately have a tsp of coconut butter and a coffee
3. 07:15 Shower/make-up etc
4. 07:30 Pack meal 1 & 2 to go
5. 07:45 Go to work
6. 08:15 Arrive at work
7. 9:00 Eat meal 1
8: 11:30 Have lunch, salad, greens and 20g of protein
9: 14:30 Have meal 2
10: 16:30 Pre-work out booster snack
11: 18:00-19:30 Work out
12: 20:30 Dinner
13: 22:00 If still hungry, evening snack
14: 22:30 Sleep

This works during a normal day, however during the weekends and holidays this all goes in the bin. One example was the weekend we woke up at 11 both days (meaning I had missed two important meals allready), We had brunch at 11:15, but then lunch at 4 which made the time in between too long. Dinner we had at 10 pm, so again, waay to late and too long time between meals. I did work out both days, one by doing shoveling, raking, gardening, sweeping etc and one interval HIIT jogging session on sunday. Next weekend is easter, and I need to make sure everything goes like on rails, there will be no room for error. I’m going to make meals as soon as I get to the house and label them, have my alarm clock go off every three hours and have my trainer make me a training program for the long weekend. I also need to keep track of my calorie intake. I feel like I’m preparing for war!


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