One day your finish will be your start

I used to hate burpees, skipping rope, push ups, planks and squats. Because they are the most efficient and because they are so effective they get your heart rate going and you feel like you’re going to die. Now I do them gladly. Well, not the burpees, no one can honestly say they like burpees. No insane person in the world does them willingly. Anyhow, a few years back I started jogging, and I remember running from work about one kilometer and having to stop at a bus stop because I thought I was going to die. Well today I passed that bus stop with a big smile on my face, 17km biking behing me. When you start working out some moves and some things will feel impossible. Give it a few months or a year and thats going to be your warm up. And, that my dear friends, is the ultimate motivation.


2 responses

  1. Whomever invented Burpees… needs to die.. in a million tiny fires!!! UGGG THOSE THINGS ARE HORRIBLE!!! Ok. so maybe they don’t need to DIE… but UGGGG!

    However I love jump rope and planks. Push ups…Meh.. it’s just because I’m weak.. and squats and I don’t get along because of my knees. (There are bonifide issues with the knees )

    Great job on finding a measure of progress!

    • Thanks! My worst enemy is burpees and everything that involves skipping. I think personal trainers definately have a sadist side to them 🙂 mine loves to make me suffer and do burpees!

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