Interruption and preparation

Vacations have become a somewhat stress for me, because usually all routines fly out the window, it’s easier to snack on unhealthy foods and alcohol intake increases. To ensure I wouldn’t go all nuts during my stay on the island (you can read all about the island house in posts from 2012-2013) I did the following:
– I bought a skipping rope and dragged my 2-10kg dumbbells with me
– I packed sportsclothes and shoes
– I brought pre cooked in-between meals like zucchini&minced meat & quinoa berry porridge.
– I’m not denying myself from wine but I do try to keep it within limits
– While working in the garden I also get a craving for a after woork ice cold beer. I’ve gotten used to alcohol free beer by the brand Nikolai, and have that instead
– There is no excuse not to train. I have one day of rest, which is Sunday, today I did a programme made by my trainer including dumbbell squat/swings, push ups, shoulders, dumbell pulls, plank, lunges and skip-rope. I also VOLUNTARILY did burpees. I freakin’ hate burpees, but did them anyway! Yey! Tomorrow is run day and so is monday.
– Food can be awesome without being unhealthy! On the menu is BBQ shrimp & tuna, char grilled lamb, portobello & lamb burgers (I use portobellos instead of bread) and green cale chips, my favourites!


– Don’t stress too much, the stress hormone Cortisol can stop you from losing weight so relax!

Happy easter to all of you!



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