Binge week

I’m not very proud of last week. I felt suffocated by all the pressure and demands I put on myself and just let go for a while. So discpline went out the window. My easter holiday started off allright, with a 5km jog and the other day a workout on the porch, but after that, it all went south. Food wise all was okay, minus all the snacks and alcohol. When we came back from the holiday I should have gone for a jog but a movie sounded more tempting. Then the rest of the week just went awful. I didn’t eat like I should, didn’t work out enough and now the pressure and demands are even higher. Thank god I haven’t put on any more weight! The difference from a year back is that I do not let one weeks failure affect the next, so this week it’s time to get back on track. It’s not so easy, because half of this week is parties, with the May celebrations we have in Finland, but I will eat healthy and correctly and work out. On saturday and sunday I went running, yesterday I did some laps in the pool and today is the bicycle ride from hell, ie. cycling home from work. Tomorrow I need to squeeze in a jog before the celebrations and then try to keep the alcohol to a minimum during the evening and on May day. May day is no training but I’ll have to compensate on friday and saturday before I go for a trip. Sunday is jogtime again. So it’ll be okay!


BTW: swimming went awesome! I did 750 in about 15 minutes! yey!


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