Back on track

This week has been one of the better ones, and next week will be perfect! I got a new diet program by a very wellknown dietist Sami Sundvik, it’s boring but extremely effective. I gained one more kilo but somehow I’m not worried, I will be 5kg less in 5 weeks. I dragged myself for a jog so training sessions have been with the one I’m going to 4, tomorrow the 5th.
So I’m peptalking myself into better choices and moving forward with conviction!
Yesterday I went fishing with my dad, that definately made me feel better! A good day!



One response

  1. hI! I lost your webaddress for a year, and came back to find a full food revolution. It sounds like lately you’ve been a little overwhelmed, but reading through everything since the island house, i’m AMAZED at your tremendous conviction and determination. (especially despite being human 🙂 You’ve completely inspired me – I’ll go for my first run in two weeks after work today. Way to go – sounds like you’re close!

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