My days as a miss is soon over, in a few months I’ll be a mrs. I had done several attempts to explain how impossibly full my schedule was and my friends had about five weekends to choose from. I was supposed to work friday and saturday, and as friday came and went I didn’t suspect anything. My friend Karo was so casual about everything I wasn’t sure if he was in the loop or not but on saturday morning just about to get it the car a car with music blaring from the speakers and four of my best friends came speeding and cut us off! They really managed to surprise me. I had three minutes to pack my bag at home, we then left for a piknik in the park. We then headed to a marina where a friends boat was waiting. I didn’t know where we were going at first but as we left the harbour and the course was straight south, I realized we were going to Estonia! An hour later we parked the boat in the new old harbour marina, escorted by police ofcourse 🙂
After a quick check-in we had lunch and jumped in a minibus. I was so excited because my friends had organized paint ball at an epic battle field with high towers, exploded buses and a mini-van that we could use for attacking the opponent. We divided ourselves into teams, we won all games, HAHA, victory was sweet!

We came back to the hotel, sat on the courtyard and a beer had never tasted so good! The girls headed for the sauna, I got my bridal sauna, I had to sit on a pine branch, my back was scrubbed with salt and flour and I got 7 rocks to throw away 7 things/old stuff/trauma etc. I do not want to bring into the marriage.

After the sauna we got ready, my bridesmaid Tessa made me so pretty 🙂 We had an awesome dinner with a fun pop-quiz my sister had made and so many lovely speeches, went for drinks in a bar with an awesome band and headed for a night club. I haven’t had so much fun in ages, even in the night club we had a blast, and we danced the night away! We headed back with a major hangover and lots of fun memories. It was an awesome bachelorettes, I’m so grateful for the friends I have, I love you guys!








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