TV workout

I was feeling lazy and as the fog was surrounding the house like a böanket I decided to stay in. I put on ‘The tourist’ on dvd and pulled out a yoga mat and weights.
I started with running in place 1 min, then criss-crossing standing in a wide position touching my feet one at the time to get my upper body warm, then I did a minute of jumping jacks and then one more minute of running in place. Here’s the rest of my workout (I don’t know the names of the moves but I name them myself and explain what they are, you mah have a laugh at my names!)

20x Donkey-kicks (on all fours kick back lifting your leg as high as possible, repeat on both legs)
20xPeeing dog (on all four lift your leg sideways up to 90 degrees from your side)
20x lunges on both legs

30x Biceps curl
30x one arm dumbbell rows
20x dumbell raise
20 x side lateral raise

20xBench press with dumbells
20x “Madonna arms”: lying on a bench hold on to a dumbell with both arms straight above your head, dip them deep behing your head into a +90degree angle and return

Plank 60min
Side plank both sides, each 60min
20xeach leg Side leg lifts, lie on your side supporting on one bent arm, lift leg straight up in the air
30 Cycle crunches

This workout took me 1h25min, just enough to sit down for the exciting part of the movie 🙂


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