Pushing boundaries

Sometimes you have to go beyond your comfort zone, push your boundaries and see how far you are able to go. I’m very much a person that likes certainty, security and if I could choose I wouldn’t have any changes in my life unless I decide them myself 🙂 Maybe it has something to with me being a typical Taurus 🙂 But now I’ve gone and done something I’ve never done before, I’M GOING TO A TRIATHLON TRAINING CAMP!

you can do it

It was kind of a spur of the moment thing when I enrolled, and now it’s two days until I fly to Mallorca, alone, to Mallorca Training Camp to train with Andreas Lindén. It will be a tough week with 10 training sessions plus walks and gym time. I am so excited, scared, anxious, nervous, happy, and everything in between I cannot even describe it. I allready feel like my stomach is full of butterflies, I can’t imagine what wednesday will feel like! I’m probably going to start crying at the airport as I always do, but once I’ve settled in at Palma de Mallorca I’m hopefully going to be more positive than worried. I don’t even know what it is I’m so worried about, that I will crack, that I cannot make it or what? Anyhow, I’m way better off than in a long time, my all time low (since 2006) has been reached, I’m now -13,5kg since october, so that’s 13,5 kilos less I will have to carry when I run.

My triathlon is the 5th of July, so when i get back I’ll have plenty of time to train and perfect my technique before my first ever triathlon.


Here’s my greatest inspiration, my heroes: the Hoyt family.


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