Arrival and Day 1 training camp

I arrived yesterday evening, the flught was delayed for one hour but Having only one hour relay I was happy not having to run like a mad man through the airport. My trainer Andreas and his right hand and partner Ida met me at the airport and took me to the hotel and showed me to the nearest food market and the nearest quarters. The old town of Palma de Mallorca is beautiful and so cozy, like the sleepy villages I’ve visited in south of France. My apartment is awesome! I live in a brand new apartment hotel called Palma Suites The price is around 100€/night, great location, great interior and friendly staff. Big plus is the kitchen, so I can make my own breakfast and lunch.

After having a quick meal at the nearby Gaudi cafe I went to sleep and slept like a baby. The sun hadn’t come up yet when I woke six AM and had breakfast. 7:30 Andreas met me in the lobby and we went for a morning run for about 45min. We did some stretching and running technique and kept a good pace the whole way. The route was awesome, through old town, past the cathedral and down to the beach walk, it was beautiful and the sea gave a very much needed breeze.

Here’s some of the old town where we were running:




Outcome: 47 min, pulse 148 (77%), max 170 (89%), kcal 482 (23% fat).

After the jog I had second breakfast, like I usually do, had a quick nap. At 11am I met again with Andreas and we went to an olympic outdoor swimming arena, it was amazing, it has atleast three or four areas with pools in each, two gyms and a restaurant.

My first two laps felt horrible, and they were. My swimming technique is rusty, I haven’t really swum since my competition swimming years some 15 years ago. After a few more laps I understood the things I needed to work on, perfecting my strikes, head position, kicks and breathing but after an hour of going through the things step by step my last few laps were really good, I advanced quickly, becoming faster with less strokes and less effort than my first laps, yey! In Finnish we call it “voittajafiilis”, which means the feeling you get when you accomplish something, I definately had that feeling getting out of the pool!



Now I just had a wonderful lunch, and in the evening me, Andreas and Ida are going somewhere to grab a bite. Day one was awesome, can’t wait for tomorrow!


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