Mallorca training camp day 2

After a very nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, I went to bed yesterday and slept a good 8 hours. I woke up and realized that today was biking day. Of all the three triathlon sports, my achilles heel seems to be cycling, but this was the day I was proven wrong! We drove 25 km outside Palma to a village called Alaró where the super friendly swedish owner of Bikehead rented me an awesome bike, I got the clasps installed on my shoes and after a quick briefing of the bike off we went. At first it felt weird to have your shoes stuck but once I got the hang of it it really made a huge difference! After a few uphills came an ENORMOUS downhill,  I was so scared! After that I relaxed a bit and started enjoying the beautiful scenery with olive gardens, stables, herds of sheep and thousand year old olive trees, bodegas and beautiful trees with flowers. I started to get a hang of it. Before I knew it we had biked 33km and came back to the car. My legs were a bit sore but I was so happy! I love the bike and my shoes and the whole thing seems much more fun when you have the right gear! After a great vegeterian lunch I walked around town for a few hours, mainly to loosen up  my muscles and me being a woman I multitasked and got some shopping done. Now I just had a cervesa and a sandwhich and the rest of the evening I’m going to take it easy. Here’s some pictures from today.








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