Day 3 Mallorca training camp

I woke up with an extremly sore throat and clogged nose. I was overwhelmed with loneliness and started crying, which actually was a good thing because it opened up my sinuses. After I stopped feeling sorry for myself (silly me, I’m in mallorca for peeps sake!) I packed my things and met up with Andreas and Ida. We went to a beach to swim in the open sea. It felt great to be in the water allthough my technique still needs some fine tuning. The underwater currents were quite strong allthough the sea was calm so that added some spice to it. We trained technique, turning and looking above water, we played some tag, Andreas swam before me and I was to follow as he was sic-sacing trough the water. It was fun and I did okay at that. I still need to perfect my stroke, I dip my arm in too early which acts like a domino effect in my body so my body kind of swings to the sides which my legs have to compensate, so lots of unecessary work! 45min we swam back and forth a long the beach filled with barebreasted old women and walrus-sized men in speedos…that was quite a contrast. We returned to the old town and I walked around town and found super cheap espadrillos, (yey!) and then we went to watch Andreas competing in a cycling competition. It was so cool to watch the preparations and we got to see the start and finish, we would have seen the laps but the course was changed last minute. When Andreas came in at the goal it looked like he was second, we were sure he was second. He was so tired, it was so hot outside and he needed cold fast being overheated and having cycled at almost max pulse for way too long. When the prizes were given out it turns out he did come in first, yey! It was great to watch and I had great company, Ida, with me. Tomorrow we are going to see a triathlon and also do a mini tri at the same beach, it’s going to be a tough day and my flu seems to be waiting for a chance to burst out so hopefully a good sweat will shed it off! Here’s some pictures from today!






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