Day 5 mallorca training camp

Today was running day, and geez did we run! The last time I ran 8km was a year ago. Yes I’ve been jogging after that but I’ve been trying to pick up speed for the triathlon and I’ve done lots of interval training and it has worked, starting from a pace per kilometre at 8’41” on a 5km jog my runs are now 6’31” so a good improvement I’d say. That’s going from 7km/h to 9,2km/h.
I usually don’t do long jogs because I get bored doing them but today was definately not boring. First of all my cold didn’t make things any better. Second it was scorching hot outside even in the morning. Third I had Andreas pushing me to new limits, which is why I’m here. We warmed up with a light jog (my normal pace) and did some dynamic stretching. Then we were to run at Andreas pace for 2x1500m. Easy no? NO! The intervals were divided into three parts, after each part we increased the pace. The second interval felt like ages and I knew we must have gone over 1500m, when I had to stop, I thought I wasn’t able to breath, it turned out Andreas had tricked us into running an extra 500m. Pheew! I was happy he did, now I really now I have in me to run for 2km above 10-11km/h average speed! We walked and jogged back to the hotel, I had worked up a good sweat and burned 540kcal during the intervals alone. My pulse during the intervals were between 85-95% from my max. After the jog I jumped in a shower and we went to have lunch, the afternoon I spent resting and now I will go see if I can get into a yoga class on my extremely bad (read non-existent) spanish. After that I have my eye on a nice looking restaurant nearby and a glass of red wine. I’m afraid there are no pics today, there was no way I could’ve taken a pic in that speed!


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