I thought the feeling would be epic, but yesterday came and went with no particular emotion. Yesterday was my deadline for weight loss because yesterday was the day we took the measurements for the wedding dress. I have lost 15kg, 11 cm from BOTH legs, 10cm at the hips and 7cm around my waist. I’ve gone from a XL/size 44 to a M/38-40. I do not feel particularly extraordinary, because this is where I should be, what I’ve should have done years ago, and now I’ve done it. I still have a few more kilos, a little more muscle to build and a few triathlons ahead of me. The best thing with this journey isn’t the sizes or the kilos I’ve dropped. It’s how I feel about myself. I feel like I finally understand that I deserve to be beautiful, confident and be a little more selfish. I have done everything, I mean everything, to please others, but I now understand that in order to help others and do things for others you first need to take care of yourself. “Please place the oxygen mask over your head before you help your fellow passengers” 🙂 I have been able to put myself first, allocating time to train as often as I do and eating like I want, not how others want etc. This has been crucial for me, and I encourage everyone who wants to make a permanent change to do likewise. I am happy, and I’m proud to say so!



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