When you don’t feel like it

Sometimes you just don’t. Like I’ve been feeling for last week and this week. Ever since midsummer I have been struggling to get back into the flow of working out and excerising. I do it, but just feel like nah.. It’s weird, on sunday when i got home from the summer house my boyfriend practically pushed me out from the house, GO GOGO! I sighed and went, and my legs felt heavy, they were aching, all music was wrong, the weather was bad blahblah. Came home feeling empty and not satisfied at all. On monday i was supposed to go swimming, but having crohns makes me tired and I fell asleep in the middle of my meal and woke up too late. having had such a bad jogging experience on sunday I decided not to force myself to run so I decided to take my dog with me on a brisk walk. But now, all of a sudden, I felt like running, fast and far! My dog was panting with her toungue hanging out and looking frustrated of having to run and i was dragging her along, my flow was back! It is so weird how you can have an awesome day and you run still won’t be good, or an awful day and you have an awesome jog- so my tip to you – always go running. No matter how you feel! if you even for a second think “maybe I should go running”, then you probably should. And remember, no matter how crappy you feel during the jog, you still beat yourself and everyone else lying on the couch!


My triathlon is coming up this weekend. I haven’t trained as much as I would’ve liked but I’m super excited and looking forward to it!


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