Here comes the bride..zilla!

If the big bang had feelings, I would know how it felt when it had to stretch over a vast space into infinity and still keep some kind of gravity intact. Oh my god, there is so much to do! I know I put myself in this pickle, because I’m an uncompromising detail freak of an eventmanager, but this is ridiculous. I spent four hours yesterday trying to seat everyone into tables, trying to imagine the personality dynamics in the tables, once you move one, at least four more move. I also looked for green wedding shoes for hours, how the hell can in be so hard!? My art director is on vacation for two days so no print designs for a few days (thankfully)! I’ve also been looking for mason jars, they too are surprisingly hard to come by. I’m also missing the wedding signs, some haystacks, six old windows, tent drapes for the ceiling, lights, warmers, I need to write some notes for the guests arriving to the hotels, etc etc. I’m exploding, it feels like my head is buzzing and I can’t get hold of one single thought. When I start one thing, I come up with another I need to do, and the to do list is ENDLESS, but which ever tasks gets done or undone, the wedding is in 24 days, and I have 7 effective days to get everything done, after that I’m going to the island, no matter what.


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