My first triathlon, I still can’t believe I did it, and with a time I could never imagine! I wasn’t last, hoorraay!

The triathlon was at Voimarinne in Sastamala, it’s a pretty uphill-downhill tri, you run up a very steep hill from the swimming. I was super nervous before the start but the last half hour went so quickly and suddenly the horn went off and everyone started swimming. I did my own thing, taking the outer edge and not really caring about my position, just focusing on by breathing and strokes. As I rounded the second buoy I realized, to my astonishment that I was in the better half of the group so I pushed on forward, managed to pass a few and was out of the water in about 8min, the measurepoint was on top of the hill which I reached at 9min43sec.

The first switch didn’t go as good as hoped, I struggled with my rubber band with my number on it, i had sn energy gel in my hand but had to throw it as the first km was a steep downhill. Thank god I installed a speedmeter on my bike, i would have gone much slower if I hadn’t! I completed the bike-part in 44 min if I remeber correctly, I didn’t dare look at the watch before I was 2km from the switch point 😀 the steep uphill in the beginning of the bicycling became a very steep uphill, so it really tested the competitors strength and durability.

I did the switch much faster this time, i was breathing heavily from the damn uphill on the bike. I had decided to listen to music while running but it took me some time to undo the cord and plugging it, all this buy running. I don’t know if it was a bad call or not but I got my breathing stabilized and started concentrating on the running. After 1km I got that all familiar knige stabbing pain in my side and abdomen and had a hard time until I reached the turning point. As ‘women on a mission’ blared from my headphones I ran past a few and pushed it to the limit. I’m pretty sure Spotify can read minds because the last 2km my favourite champion song came on: The blessed spirits by Vanessa Mae. My insides felt like they wanted to explode but I knew I only had a few hundred metres left, when I saw the sign goal I accelerated and passed the finishline! I had no idea what my time was, I knew it had to be under the 2 hours which was my target, but Casi (my bf) came running and told me I had made it in somewhere around 1:31, I could not believe it! I was so happy! After some googling I found the results online and my time was 1:30:29! Yey! I’m still in a bit of a shock about the whole thing but I’m over the moon! I want to do it again!

All in all my first tri was a great experience, people where friendly, the buzz and anticipation was high and the conpetition was well organized. I want to give a shout out to my triathlon trainer Andreas Lindén and my PT Nikita Koutchérenko for making this possible!

Now it’s time to go to a summer party and have a well deserved glass of white wine!


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