Hizzy fits and green shoes

When I was a kid I was always told I was stubborn, like it was a bad thing. As you grow older your corners become more round, more soft around the edges, and being stubborn is one of those things that has softened throughout the years. I do not, however, understand, that knowing what you want and doing everything you can for it is a bad trait. When it comes to wedding planning and building a house though, things can get a little out of hand. When I was building the house I saw a Gnu skin in a magazine, and fell in love with it. I searched for one for 18 months, during which time it almost escalated to me getting someone to shoot one for me. And I love my gnu skin, which I eventuallt found in Holland. Now with wedding planning it’s been a lot more details, like a certain cake, invitations, old windows for table charts, the garter belt and bouqet, and… The green shoes! I just had to have green shoes. I’ve been looking for them everywhere and was getting desperate, when I found that Stilissima near Töölön tori colors satin shoes in the exact hue you want, yey! So I bought a pair of white shoes and had then colored, and tadaa, green shoes!



On another note I got my first hizzy fit at my poor hubbie to be, I had asked hin to do a few tasks for the wedding and as the days of the week passed and he hadn’t done it, I kept reminding him, getting more frustrated every day. He was sad because I didn’t trust him with the task at hand and yesterday, PMS and everything I bawled my eyes out. I guess my emotions had the best of me yesterday, but as always it’s good to air things and say what you feel, and I feel better now, and my half confused half sorry boyfriend promised to fix the things I asked him to do. Just a few more days in the city, and then island life will begin!



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