I couldn’t sleep, I came home around two and it was crucial that I get some sleep, but I couldn’t because this morning the scam of the century was going down. Okay maybe an overstatement but that was what it felt like. Casi, my husband to be, thoguht it was going to be his first day of vacation, he was going to deliver the last boat before vacation and head to the island and meet me and 16 friends at the harbour and then we would have an awesome weekend on the island. Well half of this is true. Casi had planned to go on thursday to the island, and I had to do everything in my power to stop it. So on monday morning a “police officer” called him and asked him to come to the police station today and give his testimony on a real case we were witnesses to a few weeks back (nothing serious!). He was so mad he had to postpone his time of departure! Haha.

I had a facebook event about the weekend for all the friends invited but in truth they were actually going to his bachelors, just playing along to keep the surprise. So this morning I secretly packed a weekend bag, as he was packing his boat gear and we both went out the door the same time. He was singing “hankoon, helsinkiä pakoon soudan hankoon”, you Finns will now what it means 🙂 and was generally happy to start his vacation. As the front gate swung open Journeys Don’t stop believing, Casis favourite song came blaring from car speakers and all his bestest friends were there to surprise him. He was stunned, completely surprised, shocked! I was shaking, I was so nervous. Oh my god. I quickly said hi to everyone, repacked his bag, gave him a big kiss and left. I turned to see him being put into something that looked like a dress. That was enough for me, he’ll have a blast I know it, and I’ll get a very very hungover man back on sunday ❤


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