This was the most awesome wedding ever! I knew it was going to be but had no idea that it would be this good! Here’s a recap from the day’s events and pictures!
We woke up and statted getting ready. I had brief moments of nervousness, but champagne and good friends kept me calm. My hair and make up was done and my dress we put on last. I was worried we were going to be late to church and waited for my best man to come pick me up.


We were on a tight schedule so I didn’t have time to get nervous, I just walked in and saw all the guests and Casi standing by the altar. He looked nervous 🙂 I squeezed his hand and saw him relax a bit. The priest and the ceremony was great, my bridesmaid read a poem, my sister sang, and our music choices worked great. The best part was the last thing the priest said. He said that there are two words in swedish that we use for congratulations: lyckönskningar och gratulerar of wich the first is that you wish them happiness and the second you congratulate someone after a big task or for something completed. He turned to me and said lyckönskningar and to casi he said gratulerar! The whole church laughed. The vibe was so relaxed and easy!



As the guest started moving to the harbour where the cocktail hour was held we took a old boat, a Riva and arrived to the dock where all guests were waiting. The siren of the boat really announced our arrival 🙂 a gorgeous boat in gorgeus scenery on a gorgeous day. The cocktail hour was great and we then moved on i to our party tent to have dinner.




During dinner we heard some great speeches. My father speech was really good (considering his track record in public speaking it was great!) the mother in laws had made their own song! We cried of laughter! Casis speech to me was beautiful, even the men cried! The food and wine was great and you could hear how every table had their own conversations and laughter was coming from every direction. We had a beautiful cake and then the party started, and oh my god what a party! The buses were supposed to leave but no one wanted to go! We partied until 2am and had the night of our lives. One very special memory was the bands encore when they sang Robbie Williams Angels, we started singing it arm in arm and more and more people joined in, holding on to eachother forming a circle. Befor we knew it everyone at the party was part of the circle and me and Casi in the middle. We did a high five a round the group, danced, sang and kissed. All those happy faces still brings a tear to my eye. In the guitar solo the band swithed to hey jude and we all sang. The song ended with the biggest group hug ever. It was amazing.


It was the best wedding ever, our guests thought so and we thought so. After a huge breakfast the next morning we went for champagne and gift opening to my parents and came home to take it easy. Today starts our minimoon, a two night boat trip around the archipelago.

(Thanks everyone for the pics!)



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