Island chilling

After a boat trip to Ålands Kastelholm, Bärö, Lappo and Jurmo we returned to our beloved summer paradise. The algae was pretty horrid at Jurmo and as we were having lunch we saw a HUGE thunderstorm approaching so we jumped into our boat and drove full speed with the thunder storm chasing us! Scary! Today we went back to the wedding site and picked up the rest of everything, our whole boat was packed! There was so much wine and beer left over! And we won’t be needing tonic for a few years. We unpacked and cleaned for three hours and now the house is ready for guests again. I’m so happy to just sit here with a glass of wine, listening to music and soon I’ll start preparing dinner. This is what lazy summer days are: chilling, cooking with love and being with the people you love. I’m so grateful for everything and my head is still in honeymoon mode. ❤




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