The year 2014, it’s a wrap!

As this year is coming to an end and Facebook is filled with my year compilations, you can’t help but review your own year. It has been such an amazing year, probably the happiest of my life. It’s been the year of family, love and achievement.

We returned from a wonderful trip in Vietnam to the year 2014. I had had problems with my stomach and during winter/spring I was diagnosed with Crohns syndrome. I had already started a very long body transformation but in the beginning of the year things looked very grim. But I didn’t give up, I trained hard and put extra effort into my new diet allthough I was exhausted most of the first quarter of the year.

In spring the highlight was to go to New York with my family. It was a great family holiday. Me and my husband-to-be at the time spent lots of quality time together and enjoyed our summer house. We squeezed in some parties, as we usually do 🙂

In May I went fishing with my dad, one of the few father-daughter things we’ve done in a long time. I was whisked away on my bachelorette party to Estonia, it was crazy fun and something I will never forget!
By end of May I had lost 13,5kg in around nine months, of which the first five was lost the first five months.

In june I did something I would never have dreamt of, I took a week off and went to Mallorca on my own to a triathlon training camp. I trained with triprofessional Andreas Lindén. Mallorca was beautiful and I got to challenge myself to new achievements. After the camp I trained for a month and then the big day came, the Triathlon day. It was my first ever, and having set my goal to beat 2h in the sprint, and Andreas challenging me to go below 1:45, finishing at 1:30:31 I was more than happy!

After the triathlon it was less than a month to get ready for the other big day, our wedding day. Lots of things needed to be done. Luckily We were both on vacation and the summer was the most gorgeous we’ve had in years! We spent the weeks up to the wedding on the island enjoying our house and the place to the fullest.

The big day came. The week had gone by so fast, but with a large team of helpers we managed to get everything done in time for the big day. Our wedding was the best wedding ever. I’m sure everyone says that but it really felt special. I had put all my efforts and sense of detail into the planning and the result was exactly like I had hoped. The guests loved it. We loved it. And little did we know we were in for a big surprise in the weeks to come.

After the wedding we went on a minimoon to the Åland archipelago with our boat and then returned to the island before my now husband was bound to go back to work. I still had a week of vacation left so I stayed on the island. On that monday, when I was alone on the island, I started wondering… I had to go to the toilet all the time, my breasts were sore.. And I didn’t want wine. Could it be…? I was to scared to finish the thought but on wednesday when I came back to Helsinki the first thing I did was take a pregnancy test. I was so scared to look at the test, we had been planning to have a baby after the wedding but could it be so soon? What if it was a false alarm? I turned the test over and it was positive! I was relieved and so happy, and now it was time to tell my husband.

C was working so I didn’t want to tell him over the phone. In the evening we met up to go to the Dinner in the Sky where you have dinner on a platform lifted up 40m by crane. I didn’t want to tell him over the dinner, god knows how men react, and being strapped to a chair up in the air and getting a panic attack could have fatal consequences. I decided to tell him once we were back on the ground… Only to find out we were meeting his parents for drinks. Luckily I fooled everyone by saying I have new Crohns medication that isn’t to be mixed with alcohol 😀

As we got home I felt like I was going to burst. I hurridly sat him down and said, “Honey.. We’re going to be one more”. His smile, oh I wish I could have captured his smile. He was so happy. Then the scale of emotions after the smile was priceless, and he needed a few whiskeys to calm down.
That saturday we saw her for the first time, a little blob on the ultra sound.

Naturally this fall and winter has been a time of waiting and anticipation. Our honeymoon was in November, a trip to New Zealand for three amazing weeks, we returned to Finland for a month and are now spending christmas in France as my belly is growing to gym ball proportions. I think the first quarter of the next year will go by very fast, and in April if all goes well we’ll have our baby daughter in our arms. Waiting for a baby is the most controversial feeling I have ever experienced. On one hand you can’t wait to see her, it’s like waiting for santa on christmas when you were a child, and on the other you are terrified and you wish the time wouldn’t go by so fast. But the day will come and we’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty sure that even with your wildest imagination you cannot anticipate how it’s going to feel on d-day.

It’s been an amazing year, with so much that has happened, so much happiness and joy, and the year gaves us much to look forward to for next year, so I’m sure it’ll be as amazing!

The pics aren’t in any particular order 🙂


















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