Enter last phase

I’ve been doing great the whole pregnancy. Going to the clinic for a regular check up reminded me of school, I was exactly according to all standard curves, weight and growth wise. I felt so proud. I haven’t felt queezy, haven’t had any “I wan’t to eat a wall” crazy craving and I haven’t had any moodswings. I’m usually quite flamboyant, I can get very angry very fast and very excited and go from 0-60 faster than a speed car but this is where pregnancy comes in. I think I have a little zen master in my belly because no matter what has been thrown at me at work, it’s been virtually impossible for me to be stressed. But now, oh gosh, my zen master has changed tactics.

The last two weeks I’ve been sleeping super light, waking up to every kick. This puts me on an edge and now I’m back to my old self, or even worse. I get super annoyed at people, I get angry. And it feels good! A lady in a shop queue was close to getting a punch in the face. A girl at a seminar bugged the hell out of me by asking stupid questions. Thank god for road rage, it’s good to vent in the car at other cars that can’t hear you, and once I’m parked I’m all zen again. Whooo, moodswings!

Here’s my belly!



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