The stuff I miss

I know I haven’t written in a while. Things are great and with only three weeks to my mothersleave and two months ’til D-day I started thinking about the things I miss. Being pregnant has it’s perks, but gosh does it comes with pangs of nostalgia and reminiscense! Here is the stuff I miss, I know I know they are W-E-I-R-D but hey, I can blame that on perggobrains! And thank god it’s the small things, it’s just the small things!

1) Wine
Oh the liquid for gods and the nectar of life. Seriously, I miss red wine so bad I could write and ode to wine faster than you can say pinot.

2) A flat belly
I was in the best shape of my entire life before I got pregnant, and having a flat belly was something I was very proud of. I miss my flatt belly so bad that I even see dreams about it. I also get dressed, look in the mirror and go Whoa! Where did that come from!? And stare at my yoga ball size belly

3) My jeans
I can’t fit into my favourite jeans! I say hi to them in the closet and bid a fond farewell as I put on my preggopants

4) Feeling sexy
I get some delerious moments when I think that I am drop dead sexy and try to roll with it, only to get a reality check that nope, sexy is not an asset of mine at the moment. How can you feel sexy with all kinds of weird bodily symptoms, an extremely active baby that makes you belly look like something from an alien movie and all kinds of stuff I’m not comfortable sharing.

5) Red meat
I’m a carnivore, with a love for game meat. Eating meat well done is blasphemy, and I don’t know the word for something worse than blasphemy, (profanity?) But eating game well done, oooh boy, that is the worst thing you can possibly do to a piece of meat.

6) Squats and leg day
It’s impossible to have leg day without feeling like the baby is going to come out early so leg day is a thing of the past for now. But god I miss those teeth clenching, sweaty, grunt out loud training that gave me that all familiar muscle pain and the feeling of being invinsible

7) Sleeping
On my stomach, with lot’s of pillows with my head turned in an angle that would make any exorcist think I’m posessed. I still try to lie on my stomach, which isn’t possible. I’m such a rebel..

8) Not being out of breath
I lost 15 kg before I got pregnant and it was one of the best feelings being able to skip up a flight of stairs with ease. HAH! Now I catch my breath like I just ran a race and have to stop to catch my breath. It is ridiculous!

9) A day without pain
I miss getting up from any position and not feeling a single thing. Now, everytime I move from one position to the other my back lets me know it isn’t willing to cooperate and I look like my legs are made of wood, walking stiffly. It looks ridiculous and it hurts.

10) Being in control
I don’t know if I miss this so much or not. I have kind of come to terms with me not being in control all the time, but sometimes it feel overwhelming! I’m used to controlling everything, and I’m very good at it. I hate surprises and I love when things go like a train on rails. But I have to admit, not knowing what is going to happen more than a week forward is liberating. Of course I make plans as usual but as we approach D-day, the less I can plan and the more I will have to leave to faith or coincidence or whatever it is “normal” people trust their lives in. It is liberating to say, “well see when we get there”, or “it depends on the baby”, “well go with what feels best for us”, and they are very effective disarming sentences for arguments or suggestions I’m not happy about 🙂


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